Who owns most flat in Burj Khalifa

Several high-rise buildings stand tall under a clear blue sky in the bustling cityscape of Dubai.
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The Burj Khalifa residence has captured the world’s attention since its completion. This iconic skyscraper stands as the tallest building globally and houses some of the most luxurious apartments. The main topic of this article is to uncover who owns the most flats in Burj Khalifa. Surprisingly, the property giant Emaar Properties holds the majority share of these residences, making them the primary owner. Understanding the ownership dynamics in Burj Khalifa is essential as it reflects significant economic and social trends in Dubai.

Background of Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa was developed by Emaar Properties and constructed by Samsung C&T. It stands at an impressive height of 828 meters, comprising 163 floors. The construction began in 2004 and was completed in 2010, showcasing an architectural marvel that features advanced engineering techniques. The building not only holds residential apartments but also includes offices, hotels, and observation decks.

Importance of Burj Khalifa in Dubai

Burj Khalifa plays a significant role in Dubai’s economy. It serves as a magnet for tourism and boosts the real estate market. The ultra-luxurious burj khalifa residence contributes to Dubai’s image as a city of opulence and modernity. Furthermore, it is a cultural icon that hosts various high-profile events and exhibitions, increasing its global significance.

Modern high-rise buildings in Dubai against a clear blue sky, representing luxury real estate in Burj Khalifa.

Notable owners in Burj Khalifa

The burj khalifa residence is home to many high-profile individuals, including members of royal families, celebrities, and business magnates. These elite owners often view their properties in Burj Khalifa as a status symbol. For instance, Indian billionaire businessman Mukesh Ambani is rumored to own multiple flats within the tower. Such ownership is often driven by the desire for prestige and a lucrative investment.

Corporate investments

Corporations also invest significantly in Burj Khalifa. Companies see owning property here as a strategic move to bolster their market presence. Corporate ownership brings considerable business opportunities through networking and proximity to other high-profile tenants. In turn, this corporate ownership contributes to the overall value and demand for residential flats within the building.

The Primary Owner: who holds the most flats?

Emaar Properties stands out as the primary owner, holding a majority of the residential units within Burj Khalifa. The renowned real estate developer has strategically retained ownership of many units, which they sell or lease to high-net-worth individuals and companies. Let’s delve deeper into some reasons for this ownership pattern:

  • Investment Strategy: Retaining ownership provides Emaar Properties with a steady revenue stream through rentals.
  • Prestige and Social Status: Owning a majority in the world’s tallest building reinforces Emaar’s prestigious market position.

Impact on the real estate market

Large ownership by a single entity like Emaar Properties significantly impacts the real estate market. The control over so many units gives them the leverage to influence property values within the Burj Khalifa. Their ownership strategy sets a high standard for luxury living, maintaining the exclusive and elite reputation of the burj khalifa residence.

Other prominent stakeholders

Beyond Emaar Properties, other notable stakeholders include various high-net-worth individuals who view their flats as both a status symbol and a lucrative investment. These individuals often invest in multiple properties across global metropolises, and owning a burj khalifa residence is a significant addition to their portfolio. Their presence further elevates the allure and exclusivity surrounding this iconic building.

Global investors

International buyers also show keen interest in owning property in Burj Khalifa. Interest from global investors signifies the building’s universal appeal as a prime real estate asset. Below is a table detailing the origins of some of Burj Khalifa’s international owners:

CountryPercentage of Ownership
United Kingdom15%
United States10%
Saudi Arabia12%

The ownership experience

Owning a burj khalifa residence comes with a plethora of benefits. Residents enjoy world-class amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, a library, a cigar club, and a sky lounge on the 123rd floor. There’s also access to exclusive services like valet parking, housekeeping, and concierge assistance. The opulence and exclusivity make it a dream residence for many.

Challenges and responsibilities

However, owning a property in Burj Khalifa also comes with its set of challenges. The high cost of maintenance and management cannot be understated. Owners are responsible for regular upkeep to retain the property’s immense value. Moreover, the cost implications can be substantial, involving significant financial investment beyond the initial purchase cost.

Skyline of Dubai Marina with modern skyscrapers, related to an article on ownership of flats in Burj Khalifa.


In summary, Emaar Properties holds the majority of flats in Burj Khalifa, making them the primary owner. This significant ownership influences the real estate market, setting high standards and maintaining the prestigious reputation of the burj khalifa residence. High-profile individuals, corporations, and international investors further contribute to Burj Khalifa’s allure. While owning a flat here offers unparallel luxury and exclusivity, it also presents challenges in terms of cost and maintenance.


1. Who built the Burj Khalifa?

The Burj Khalifa was developed by Emaar Properties and constructed by the primary contractor, Samsung C&T.

2. How many flats are there in Burj Khalifa?

There are a total of 900 private residences, including one, two, three, and four-bedroom apartments.

3. What is the cost of a flat in Burj Khalifa?

The cost varies significantly based on size, floor, and view, ranging from $1 million to $30 million or more.

4. Can foreigners own property in Burj Khalifa?

Yes, foreigners can buy property in Burj Khalifa as it is located in a freehold area of Dubai.

5. What are the amenities available in Burj Khalifa?

Residents enjoy luxury amenities like swimming pools, gyms, a library, a cigar club, and even a sky lounge on the 123rd floor.