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The concept of maternity leave is widely understood and accepted, providing essential time for women to recover from childbirth and bond with their newborns. But when it comes to maternity leave for husbands, or what is commonly referred to as paternity leave, there’s often less clarity. In the UAE, while paternity leave is not as common or widespread, progress has been made to increase its accessibility. This change is not only an advancement for fathers, but also a step towards achieving gender equality in UAE. This article explores the current status of maternity leave for husbands in the UAE, its importance, and the way forward.

The Concept of Paternity Leave

Paternity leave simplified is the time off work granted to men at the birth of a child, allowing fathers to care for their newborn and support the mother post-childbirth. This notion stems from the importance of both parents’ roles in the early stages of a child’s life and marks a significant improvement in women’s rights in UAE. Around the globe, countries vary drastically in their approach to this concept:

  1. Iceland: Fathers are entitled to three months of paternity leave.
  2. South Korea: Fathers can take up to one year off after their child’s birth.
male employees are entitled to receive paid paternity leave in uae

The Legal Framework

Paternity Leave Laws Worldwide

Paternity leave policy differs vastly worldwide and is subject to the labor laws of each country. While some countries like Sweden allow up to 480 days of parental leave to be shared between parents, others lack any policy for paternity leave. Countries that stand out for their favorable paternity leave policies include:

  1. Norway: 15 weeks exclusively for the father
  2. Finland: 8 weeks of paternity leave
  3. Spain: 12 weeks of paternity leave

Belonging to the latter category until recently, the UAE has taken steps towards implementing a more inclusive stance.

The Situation in the UAE

Understanding UAE Labor Laws

Under UAE’s labor laws, there was no provision for paternity leave until the recent move by the Dubai government to introduce paid paternity leave in the private sector. Fathers working in Dubai can now avail 5-day paternity leave, to be taken within a month of the birth of the child. This step is a positive indicator of advancing status of women in the UAE, specifically providing support to women in Dubai post delivery.

Leave TypeDuration
Maternity Leave45-50 days
Paternity Leave5 days

Though it’s a significant step in the right direction, the policy underlines the need for more extensive legislation that covers not only the Emirate of Dubai but the whole of UAE.

The Importance of Paternity Leave

Paternity leave goes beyond just paid time off work. It’s an important instrument for promoting equality at the workplace, enhancing family bonding and improving health outcomes for both the child and the mother. Let’s delve into these benefits:

  1. For Child Development: Early involvement of fathers in childcare contributes to the positive psychological development of the child. It strengthens the father-child bond and promotes effective co-parenting.
  2. For Parental Equality: Paternity leave facilitates a more equitable distribution of childcare responsibilities, challenging traditional gender norms. It helps foster a balanced domestic sphere where both parents share the workload. This balance promotes gender equality and strengthens the rights and position of women in the society.
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Steps to Avail Paternity Leave in UAE

Given the newness of this policy, many might not be aware of the eligibility criteria or the process to avail such leave. Understanding the process is therefore important:

  1. Eligibility Criteria: The policies and the eligibility for paternity leave may differ from company to company. Generally, fathers are considered eligible for paternity leave if they fulfill certain conditions. Such conditions could be length of service at the organization or other specific requirements as laid down by the firm.
  2. Process and Documentation: Once the eligibility criteria are met, it is then a matter of documentation. Usually a birth certificate of the newborn is required but it may also require other types of documentation.

Challenges and Controversies

However, the move towards establishing paternity leave in the UAE has not been entirely smooth. It has sparked debate about traditional family roles and responsibilities, norms around gender equality, and the economic impact on companies. Despite these controversies, the necessity for such a move remains apparent, if not only for fostering a balanced domestic sphere but also for allowing women to return to work and contribute to the economy.

The Way Forward

Though the introduction of paternity leave in the UAE signals progress, it is important to view it as a starting point rather than a culmination. Increased awareness campaigns, workplace supports, and adjusting societal and organizational norms will all play a part in creating a more balanced sphere for both parents.

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The introduction of maternity leave for husbands in the UAE, though only in the initial stages, marks a significant leap towards gender equality. It reinforces the integral role of both parents in child-rearing, whilst offering support to new mothers, and promoting a balanced workplace. As the UAE is a country known for its fast-paced development and adaptation, it is hoped further advancements will soon be implemented, not just in Dubai but all across the country.


  1. How long is the maternity leave for husbands in the UAE? As per the latest Dubai Government mandates, husbands can avail a 5-day paternity leave within the first month of the birth of their child.
  2. Are all husbands eligible for maternity leave in the UAE? Eligibility depends on the policies of the specific company where the father is employed. It’s recommended to check the company’s policy.
  3. Is the paternity leave paid or unpaid? The recent Dubai government’s mandate provides for paid paternity leave.
  4. Is Paternity Law applicable across UAE? Currently, Paternity Law is implemented only in Dubai for government sector employees. Hopefully, it will soon be applicable throughout the UAE.
  5. Can paternity leave be clubbed with annual leave? This again depends on the specific company policies. It’s best to check with the HR department of your company.